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A Growth & Performance Marketer,Kerala

I am a Growth & Performance Marketer based in Kerala, India, with a passion for driving business growth and maximizing performance through strategic marketing initiatives. I hold a degree in BA Multimedia, which I completed at Farook College. Currently, I am furthering my skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of digital marketing through a comprehensive program at Haris & Co Academy. With a strong foundation in multimedia and a keen interest in the digital landscape, I am dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving world of marketing. My goal is to harness the power of data-driven strategies and innovative techniques to achieve remarkable results for my clients and partners.

worked with the following clients

worked with the following clients

worked with the following clients

worked with the following clients

worked with the following clients

MY SERVICE AS  A Growth & Performance Marketer

My Service As A Growth & Performance Marketer

What is growth and performance marketing?
Growth marketing builds long-term business growth by forming customer relationships. Performance marketing is a short-term strategy to convert new customers quickly. In growth marketing, you rely on a broader range of marketing channels, such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.
What is the work of performance marketer?
Main Responsibilities of a Performance Marketing Manager

Creating and executing a strong performance marketing strategy & execution plan. Developing and managing digital prospecting and remarketing campaigns. Managing budgets and campaigns across all digital channels to drive strong return on investment and efficient

As a freelance web designer, I specialize in WordPress and Shopify, creating functional and visually appealing sites

How can I build a website?

How to Create a Website From Scratch in 10 Steps
  1. Hone and Align Relevant Skills.
  2. Establish a Goal.
  3. Choose a Hosting Provider.
  4. Choose a Domain Name.
  5. Choose a Site Template or Layout.
  6. Build Relevant Pages.
  7. Establish a Payment System (If Applicable)
  8. Test and Fine-Tune Your Site.



Working with Ali Ahamed was a game-changer for our class project. his expertise in performance marketing and social media strategies propelled our campaign to new heights, resulting in increased engagement and impressive conversion rates.

Shad S R

digital marketer

Being a teammate with ali was an insightful experience. He  proved expertise in all his elements. he is an website design expert with all performance marketing. The procedures he does before committing to each work are also commendable.
Fathima Mehjabin

A Freelance SEO Analyst

Ali is a standout in performance marketing and Shopify development. Our collaborations on multiple projects showcase his exceptional skills. A dedicated and innovative professional, he’s a pride to our team. Highly recommended for his expertise.

Salmanul Farisy

Web Developer

shopify work

As Shopify experts, am  dedicated to helping e-commerce entrepreneurs like you succeed. We believe in the power of a well-designed website to boost your online presence, engage customers, and increase sales.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with the tools you need to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce. We’re committed to delivering the best possible Shopify solutions that perfectly align with your brand and business goals.

Ready to take your e-commerce venture to the next level? We’re here to turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this e-commerce journey together.

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nike (papertown-in.myshopify.com)

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Website Design Trends of 2023

For the purpose of producing interesting and memorable online experiences, staying on top of trends in the dynamic field of web design is crucial.

As we dive into 2023, a new set of website design trends of 2023 has emerged, pushing boundaries and redefining digital aesthetics. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most exciting website design trends of 2023 that are shaping the online landscape this year.

A Growth & Performance Marketer


How do you become a performance marketer?
Here are the steps to start a career in performance marketing.
  1. Learn performance marketing strategy. …
  2. Acquire the right skills. …
  3. Get hands-on experience. …
  4. Keep pace with trends. …
  5. Apply to jobs and prepare for interviews. …
  6. Learn to use digital marketing tools. …
  7. Measurable results. …
  8. Targeted audience.
Is paid marketing and performance marketing same?
Is performance marketing the same as paid marketing? No, performance marketing and paid marketing are not the same. Performance marketing is a form of online marketing that focuses on results and ROI, while paid marketing is a form of online marketing that involves paying for clicks, impressions, or other online ads
What skills do you need for a performance marketer?
Strong analytical skills and a data-driven approach to problem-solving is a must for this role. The performance marketing manager needs to adopt a methodical approach while analyzing statistics and should be able to glean insights to make campaign recommendations.



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